Ends on September 15, 2019

To recognise companies whose unique innovation has directly led to export success.
  • Open to all companies which export goods or services developed in Ireland and where the specific innovation has been substantially developed in Ireland
  • The company must be in business for two fiscal years
  • The company must be currently exporting to one or more countries and have export sales of at least 30% of total turnover
  • The company must be able to clearly explain the nominated innovation and how it has directly led to additional success in international markets. The innovation can be related to a product, service, process or organisation. Evidence of originality, excellence and sustainability is also required
  • The company should be able to differentiate itself by highlighting its export success and further potential through a minimum of three out of the following pillars: innovation & growth focus; strategic development & execution; managing its strategic finance; change management; and organisational renewal & transformation