Ends on September 15, 2019

For Enterprise Ireland Clients

To identify an early stage exporting company which has surpassed its potential and is demonstrating success and commitment in one or more markets.

  • Open to all companies which export goods or services developed in Ireland
  • The company must be in business for at least one year
  • The company must be between year 1 and year 5 of its initial export journey
  • Judges will consider product innovation, process innovation, sustainability and excellence
  • The company must be currently exporting to one or more countries and have export sales of at least 10% of total turnover
  • The company must be able to demonstrate its export strategy plan and campaign, including plans for the future and be able to differentiate itself by highlighting its export success and further potential through the following pillars: innovation & growth focus; strategic development & execution; managing its strategic finance; change management; and organisational renewal & transformation