Ends on September 15, 2019

To distinguish the exceptional performance and continuous growth over five years of multinational exporting companies either in the services or the manufacturing sectors.
  • Open to all multinational companies in all export sectors
  • Company must have greater than 250 employees in Ireland and either an annual turnover greater than €100m or an annual balance sheet greater than €90m
  • Nominee must be exporting and have export sales of at least 50% of total turnover
  • Judges will consider how each company has established and developed its sustainability policies, CSR initiatives and operational excellence
  • The company should be able to differentiate itself by highlighting its main contribution to the Irish economy and to highlight its export success and further potential through the following pillars: innovation & growth focus; strategic development & execution; managing its strategic finance; provisions for change management; and organisational renewal & transformation; as well as generating sustainable employment in Ireland